Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Magic in DAEMON Part 2

In DAEMON, each spirit you summon will have its own unique seal. A "genuine" seal from the Ars Goetia is given below:

I've written code to procedurally generate similar-looking seals, given names and colours which as passed in as parameters:

Rendered on screen using Libtcod's functions the above seal appears as (actual size):

What's the point of all this? None actually, from a strictly game-play point of view, but I think it increases the atmosphere quite a lot.

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Nolithius said...

It definitely increases the atmosphere. I am working on a collectible card game at the moment, and I've come to the same conclusion regarding flavor text (which I'll certainly be including).

Hope to see how the magic system develops!

Ebyan "Nolithius" Alvarez-Buylla