Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Progress Report #2

Here are some screen shots showing progress so far (click on each for a larger view).

Normal Dungeon View with Coloured ASCII

Normal Dungeon View with Monochrone ASCII

Character Information

Character Inventory


Anonymous said...

Uh... why's the LOS shown as magenta? It's kinda ugly looking like that. :D

Ewwww, magenta!

Other than that, it's looking pretty good. Keep up the good work. I'm curious to see how you've done the virtual console. I'm betting on a TPaintBox.OnPaint event.

Dave said...

Oh, its magenta because that's the colour of that particular dungeon branch. Some of the other dungeons are different colours reddish, blueish, even whitish. The dark gray is simply anything you've discovered that isn't in the FoV. It should really be a darker magenta I suppose.

And yes, the painting method is called both directly and on a TPaintBox.OnPaint event *grins*.

Anonymous said...

I guess the magenta is forgiven, if the levels are color coded. I still can't help but recoil from it's garishness. =P

And I figured you used a TPaintBox; that was my thought exactly when trying to plan my virtual console.