Friday, 19 September 2008

Delays and Delays and Delays...

Yes, I'm aware I was meant to have released a version of Kharne by now. Unfortunately, real life has intervened quite dramatically over the last weeks/months. I have exams coming up in early October and once those are over, I hope to get back finally to development, Wrath of the Lich King not withstanding. I'll also release what I have coded so far at that point (although many things will still be incomplete of course, but such apparently is the life of a Roguelike).

In other RL news, its good to see Lords of Dark Hall is now back in active development. And a new (even harder, I suppose) version of Crawl (I'm still playing and dying in 0.3.4). And I also notice that LambdaRogue which only recently achieved the magical 1.0 status, is currently being rewritten. From personal experience, I can tell you that this rewriting business is a dangerous two-edged sword. As I recounted before, when I tried this for the original version of Kharne, it depressed me so much it stopped me writing any code for about five years.

And of course, where would roguelike development be without a flamewar (surprisingly not on r.g.r.d. this time). wouldn't be the same place without a major flamewar. On this time. Over permadeath, inevitably. Years and years ago, I would probably have agreed with the posters who (rudely) advocated not using permadeath. But now, let's just keep things, and especially Crawl, the way it is, ok? That's what makes it Crawl.


Janos said...

Man, the game was great, why do you killed it?

Dave said...

The old Kharne or the new rewrite in semi-progress?