Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Pascal Roguelike

A new roguelike has been released, written in Pascal, which is excellent news for us doughy fighters against the evils of C and its fiendish plans for world domination (only half-joking, I think!). It is called "Gruesome", and here are a couple of screenshots:

The gameplay is fun and refreshing, and the game itself has an awesomely original premise:

In Gruesome you play a grue, lurking in the shadows and eating adventurers. Movement is with the numpad or vi keys. The game ends when you are hit by light or you reach the surface. Adventurers cannot be assaulted directly - they are best avoided, or you can eat them if they happen to move on top of you.

You can download v0.0.2 here if you're on Windows and here if you use Linux.

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