Wednesday, 4 February 2009

7DRL and Cosmology

This year's 7DRL Challenge is fast approaching and I'm seriously interested in taking part. I have a (what I consider to be a) neat idea for a 7DRL that ties into my interests outside of programming. Any more than this, I'd rather not say at this moment. Although I considered writing it in a language other than Delphi, I'm going to stay with Delphi (for this one) and reuse some of the code I've already written for Kharne (e.g. FoV).

In other news, I've aquired a dead-tree version of the Manual of the Planes (an excellent tome, incidentally) and its quite alarming to see just how much the DnD Cosmology (here in its latest format) has influenced my vision for Kharne (the answer is, in case you are wondering, "a lot"). Not that this is a bad thing of course. Some of this perhaps is a legacy of the original Kharne being AD&D based, some of it because I've played the various incarnations of D&D for decades now. But it is interesting to step back occasionally and see how environmental and cultural influnces influence not only your own psychology but your output as well.

Of course, this may mean that, should Kharne ever get released and take off and turn into a multi-person effort, other people may have to suffer my idiosyncratic design desisions. Perhaps this a bridge best crossed whenever we come to it.


Jotaf said...

So how did the issue of dropping items turned out? IMO it shouldn't be anything special, just a general menu like Inu said. This way you can have more options than just drop later on (which is reasonably not overengineering I think).

You mean that your 7DRL is *not* about Cosmology? :P That was my first guess when I read the title!

Dave said...

Oh, actually, its about Quantum Physics and Stellar Nucleosynthesis :-)

Jotaf said...

Pretty close then! :P