Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Code Updates

Those who are observant will notice some code updates have been committed to the repository. I've actually done some coding on Kharne! (sound of cheering in the distance).

I've now got visible and smoother missile animation, as well as framework code for potion handing and town NPCs. This is an ongoing thing, when I get the code working I'll release v0.06 containing these features.

With regards to missile animation, for simple bolts etc, I wanted to ask a question of my readership: should their trajectories be plotted in the ASCII resolution, or should they be plotted pixel-by-pixel?

For example, consider the scenario below:

If the Storm Giant to the North of the player launches a missile, if it is plotted strictly to ASCII, it will zigzag towards the @, whereas it could be plotted smoothly and move at an angle instead if pixel-by-pixel plotting was used.

I'm divided between both options, hence why I'm asking.


Brian said...

I vote pixel plot versus zig-zag---as that more easily allows the future potential for spells that actually zig-zag.

Nathaniel said...

I say pixel by pixel. That would look much more satisfying, I think.