Thursday, 17 March 2011


I've done some code to handle random townspeople on the town level, to give the town level a bit of atmosphere. I've not checked it into the repository yet, as its incomplete, but each townsperson will have its own unique behaviour and its own unique sayings.

I don't intend on these townspeople to be attackable, but I do hope to add some interaction between them, based upon their (randomly-generated) behaviours; for example, a drunken guardsman might do things differently than an angry guardsman.

Your pet cat is of course, the true master of the multi-verse, and all kills are dedicated to him. He remains on the town level to protect it from harm.

And to prove that this blog isn't immune from cat-blogging, here are my own fuzzy-overlords

(if you must know, their stats are: Num:547 Lev:100 Rar:2 Spd:140 Hp:20000 AC:150 Exp:60000 RFuss--- RFood---, and they have many deadly powers, and have never been defeated yet, except by shameless application of fuss and/or food)

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