Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Stairs and Monsters

I'm currently writing some code to allow monsters to travel the stairs with the character, following the behaviour of those in Crawl.

As implemented, all adjacent monsters will travel with the character, as long as there is room on the destination level for them to do so.

However, I'm nearly sure that (from last time I looked at their source) Crawl puts a limit on the monster types that can come up stairs.

Do you think this is a better solution? And if so, what criteria should be used to determine ability to travel up stairs? (I don't have any Dalek monsters alas)


Worthstream said...

You're removing a time estabilished safety net in allowing monsters to follow through the stairs...

Ok, it's for the sake of realism, but is there any reason from a gameplay perspective?

John Greenberg said...

I think the Crawl method is flawed. Only allowing adjacent monsters to follow the PC allows for stairscumming.

I would instead have all monsters within LOS of the player follow him up the stairs. Maybe the farther away monsters come up a few turns later. But stairs shouldn't let the PC pick off huge mobs 1 by 1 or so.

Swanditch said...

If you couldn't pick off mobs with the stair trick, Crawl would be impossible, not merely almost impossible.