Monday, 26 October 2009

More on achivements

Unlike the achievements in MMOs, I want them to be a bit more than just fun, and affect gameplay.

For example, let's say there is an achievement that can be obtained by killing 10 vampires. Let's call it "Wannabe Van Helsing" (as suggested by my muse - I think I prefer slightly humourous titles).

I'd like to give characters who complete this a tangible game benefit. For example, a small (but significant) damage bonus against vampires. Or slightly increased resistance to vampiric drain attacks.

Or for an achivement for eating every single different type of food ("I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned") which allows 10% extra nutrition from food.

I'm going to throw open the comments for suggestions for possible achivements If your suggestion is taken and used, you'll get game credit! The titles should be somewhat humourous, and referencing either common fantasty-tropes or the roguelike milieu where possible.

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Chris said...

I'm not dead yet! -- reach and recover from being at 1 HP > 3x in one game. (immediate bump to two hp when arriving at 1 hp from damage)

Beastmaster -- (if applicable) -- tame/summon/whatever some sort of pet

Beastmaster II -- have a second pet at the same time (suggested bonus - very weak ferret pet shows up sometime)

Chilly con Kharne -- kill x number of creatures with cold/ice (increased ice damage)

Stock the larder, it's going to be a while -- stay on one square for [large number] of turns, enough that some amount of food will need to have been found before getting the achievement.

The last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder -- consume 34 poison potions (with a possibility to resist the effects of drinking poison after it is done) -- almost any of these could be on a "in one run" or "across several games" type of requirement


to keep balance, you could let people pick two or three bonus effects from the available ones at the beginning of their run