Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Amarok help requested

I now do my development of Kharne almost exclusively on my new laptop, which as I've mentioned before is now dual-boot with Vista and Ubuntu 9.04. I'm very happy with Ubuntu, especially the ability to play Crawl online) apart from two main factors: I cannot get the iPlayer to work and Amarok doesn't work (it opens and seems to play the file, but no sound comes out; incidentally the default media player does indeed work, but the sound output from it isn't very good).

I installed and had a quick play around with Lazarus - it looks very familiar and very easy to use. I may end up taking the advice of Mario in the comments and move to Lazarus full time.

In other news, this book is making me nostaglic for my late-last-century days of writing code in C/C++ on Unix.

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