Friday, 22 May 2009

r.g.r.d. Roundup #2

Another entry in the occasional series of some of the best recent threads from
  1. "Savefile Design" One of the best threads I've ever seen on r.g.r.d. this thread discusses in detail a subject that is both close to and swinging ominiously over my heart - save files. I'm not implemented them in Kharne yet because in Delphi, serialisation is an utter pain, and I'm saving the worst to last, as it were. I suspect that implementing saving and loading will result in no-small degree of refactoring, when the time comes.
  2. "On AI - ~The best systems". The AI in Kharne is currently very primitive. I had started writing a much more realistic AI for Prelude, but until I recover from the current Assignment Fever, I won't be doing any porting of ideas across into Kharne. For my money though, the best explained treatment of AI in a roguelike game is still the Angband 4th Generation AI.
  3. "SOL Pics". This new roguelike is already a contender for the most beautful looking ASCII roguelike ever, despite only a few screens being completed. I hope the rest of the game (when done) lives up to what we've seen so far.
Roguetemple has also been a hotbed of activity recently, and the recent mention of Quickband reminds me that I've never played it (at all). Might just be the thing to keep me sane during the next few weeks.

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