Friday, 1 May 2009


After much faffing about trying to remember the procedure for reinstalling components into a fresh copy of Delphi, I've got Kharne up and running on the Vista side of things.

Here is a screenie of the Plane of Fire Dungeon:

Our brave hero is in considerable trouble, being attacked in melee by a Fire Elemental and from distance by a Fire Drake. I think currently, without potions and magic being implemented, the game is much too tough. But we'll see.

One thing I would like to add soon is more features to the dungeons, e.g. the plane of Fire should have molten lakes of lava, rivers of fire, and all sorts of features.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the problem of cross-compiling ... I think if you really want to make a Linux version of Kharne you should switch to Lazarus completely, as long as you're in a state of development where you can allow such big changes. FreePascal/Lazarus and Delphi are not the same and you already said by yourself that components might be a problem ... do you use lots of non-standard components?

Dave said...

I must admit, that it is very tempting to switch completely over.

I use about a half-dozen custom components, of which all but one I've got the source of, and hence could (theoretically) be easily converted across. The other one I can phase out use of it quite easily.

I do however use SQLLite, but a quick google revelas that there already are bindings for Lazarus/FreePascal.

Once I get the next couple of versions out, I'll think about switching over completely.