Friday, 24 April 2009


The name of the new project will simply be 'Prelude'.

I've done some experimenting already with data structures and classes, leaning heavily upon what I've learned so far in coding Kharne. This has proceeded a quicker than first time around for two main reasons: firstly, I'm rewriting code I've already largely written; and C# is proving to be an excellent language for this sort of thing.

As soon as I've figured out how to post code properly to blogger without it messing up the formating, I'll post some codesnippers.


Jotaf said...

Hey good choice. But don't give it a pretentious name like "Kharne: Prelude", at the very least just call it "Kharne Prelude" :) The other form of names is really getting old! Just a minor nitpick really.

The game is really cool, you've made immense progress. Normally I'd slap you for switching languages just to experiment a bit, but I did the same recently and it turned out I liked the 2nd language more than the 1st. Anyway it's the sort of thing one can do with no strings attached!

Dave said...

Heh, you want pretentious? The original version of Kharne was called, in full: "Kharne: The Revelation". Must have been overdosing on the pretentious juice when I came up with that name ;-)

No idea what the revelation specified ever was though.