Friday, 14 August 2009

More on Item Effects

One of the things I've found whilst doing the refactoring is some code I wrote which allows suitable messages to be passed to the message log when you wear or remove items to reflect the properties of said items. Until now it has never been called or used.

For example, consider an amulet that grants +alertness and +reslifedraing.

This would be the display in the message log when you wear-identify it:

You see an Ornate Copper Amulet here
You pick up an Ornate Copper Amulet
You now have an Ornate Copper Amulet
You put on an Ornate Copper Amulet
You feel more resistant to lifedraining
You feel more alert
It is an Copper Amulet of Being!
You take off an Copper Amulet of Being
You feel less resistant to lifedraining
You feel less alert

I personally like this, though I'm a bit worried that it may clutter up the message log a bit too much. What do you think?


Tom said...

Drop the 'You have now..' of course.

Are you baiting for comments ;)

ZIZNAK said...

yeah I myself have adopted the more is better philosophy when it comes to msgs and logs. Maybe consider having a "verbose" setting for logs and msgs where one user could have this set so they get more info, another user could have it off so they have less info. this is straight out of slashem btw

Mark A. Nicolosi said...

I agree with Tom, drop the "You now have" part.

Dave said...

OK, I've removed the "You have now.." messages from the current dev build.

Apart from when you're picking up items that are stackable and you already have at least one of those items. e.g. "you pick up some fruit. You now have 3 pieces of fruit".

John Greenberg said...

I'm personally against this, but not strongly. I was just playing crawl as a transmuter, and every time I morphed into a battle form I got messages for when I temporarily lost Fire Res. If you do a lot of gear switching those messages get old fast.

Dave said...

Hmmm..perhaps have these as a configuratable option?

elig said...

I would take out the "you feel less" part unless the object is not identified when you take it off. If it is identified, the player will probably understand that taking it off will remove it's effects. And of course "you now have" should go.