Friday, 7 August 2009

Kharne 0.03c Available

v0.03c is now available.

(edit: see the addendum at the bottom of this post if you downloaded this version before midnight GMT on the 7th)

Although this version doesn't have the promised potions and scrolls implemented, the timing functionality is now included and I hope to release the next version soon.

Here are the changes in this version:
  • Added milestones to the Character Log.
  • Multiple Items can now exist on the same square.
  • Firing a ranged combat weapon now correctly updates the turn count.
  • The maximum damage a monster can do to a player in a single hit is now (Maximum Hit Points - 1).
  • Piles of Silver and Bronze can now be found throughout the dungeons.
  • Items have been reduced in cost by a factor of five.
  • There is now a wider variety of entry vaults.
  • Amulets can now be found in fountains.
  • Combat Text is now much more descriptive.
  • Monster attacks that hit you and cause damage are now displayed in a different colour.
  • Co-ordinates are now only displayed if the Wizard Window is displayed.
  • The number of hit points and magic points gained per level has been slightly increased.
  • The effect on speed of carrying weights greater than maximum load has been reduced slightly.
  • Monsters will use ranged attacks less often.
Addendum: I've had to reupload the v0.03c archive as the version I originally uploaded had two major bugs in it: the alertness radius (i.e. the radius of the FoV) was set to half what it should have been, and some of the entry vaults would have been generated without an up set of stairs. Please accept my apologies and redownload and overwrite the previous installation (the two files that have actually changed are Kharne.exe and Kharne.db3)

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