Wednesday, 19 August 2009

On rehabilitating old roguelikes...

Krice appears to have given up his attempts at taking over and restarting development of Abura Tan. Its a shame, as it showed a lot of potential.

Another two old abandoned roguelikes that seemed full of potential were Nethermost Wanderings and The Legend of Saladir.

Both of these have not been updated for a long time (Saladir since 1998, NW since 2005.) If I wasn't so involved with a part-time degree, coding Kharne, and occasionally dabbling in C#, I'd be very keen on taking over one of these projects.

Of course, the problem with Saladir was that, as far as I'm aware, the source code was never released. Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned there?

The code for Nethermost Wanderings on the other hand, is freely available. Perhaps someone else out there is masochistic enough to try some new development? (although it doesn't say anything on the website, when you look at the current CVS source, it has actually been GPLed)

Mind you, I hope in years to come people don't talk about Kharne in the same way...but at least by releasing the source code, if something does happen, at least it has a chance of living on.

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elig said...

If the source code is free, at least people have the opportunity to later improve it if they want to. Take Larn, there's been a lot of talk about updating Larn, even though the original developer is sadly deceased. No one has yet updated Larn, but the opportunity remains forever. I'd like to think that the source for my roguelikes might be around 10 or 20 years after my death..