Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Refactoring Progress #3

With real life interfering quite a bit, things are going quite slowly on the refactoring front - It also doesn't help that I'm in the middle of doing some of the larger units (e.g. UnitFunctions, UnitEngine, UnitDisplay, UnitCreature etc).

Here is the current progress:

In other news, I'm having another wibble over licensing. This is interesting and seems to indicate that I can release Kharne as GPL (instead of MPL) (this and this may also be relevant). Does anyone have any experience of this with regards to Delphi and use of 3rd party custom components? I may end up just emailing the FSF to clarify.

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elig said...

Here's a good link I found on the subject:

It seems you just need to state that the 3rd party libraries you use are not under the GPL and state what license they are under. Pretty easy. Also, I see a lot of open source delphi code online, and I'd suspect a lot of them use 3rd party libraries without notice.

That's a lot of files deleted! Good work! Man, I always feel good when I can condense code like that.