Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Crawl Poll

There's a Crawl Poll out. Crawl is my favourite roguelike. Hence are my answers.

1. What is you age?

Let's just say Thirty-something :-)

2. Which country do you live in?

The United Kingdom.

3. Do you play locally, on a server or both?

Usually locally. I've tried playing on CAO, but the intricacies of setting up terminal options so that they're just so discourages me a bit.

I do like to be the voyeur and watch others playing though.

4. Do you play Tiles or ASCII or both?

Both. I would love the full screen mouse-tile interface to work with an ASCII version though. ASCII tiles perhaps? (hinthint)

5. Which Operating Systems do you use at home?

Primarily Windows (Vista, came with the laptop, its not a patch on XP). I do have it dual-installed with Ubuntu which I do occasionally use (I was a former UNIX monkey. And before you ask, XEmacs).

6. Which Roguelikes have you played before? (Nethack, ADOM, Angbandetc.)

Of the big ones (and in order of time spent playing in descending order): Crawl, TOME, Angband, Unangband, Sangband, ADOM, Rogue.

And lots and lots of the minor ones.

You'll notice no Nethack. That's deliberate. I'm also especially crap at ADOM.

7. Where did you learn about Crawl?

I think it was actually r.g.r.m.

8. And when?

A long time ago, but not that long ago - I think it was just after Stone Soup came out and I had gotten back into roguelikes after a long time away. I should really play some b26 as well to see what that feels like in comparison to SS.

9. How often did you win Crawl? (If none, you may specify your best game.)

Win? You're having a laugh! My best was a 2-rune MDFi 19 that died due to "let's-die-from carelessness-for-no-good-reason-at-all-because-I-didn't-quite-have-my-Crawl-head-after-shortly-commencing-another-session-of-play-the-next-day" syndrome.

10. If you take part in the Crawl tournament: where did you hear about it?

I don't take part mainly due to lack of time and my own general crapness at Crawl.

11. Did you ever recommend Crawl to someone?

Yes, several. Including my other half, who has recently given up playing due to Orc Priests getting nerfed.

12. Which computer game played most in the last month (July)?

In July? Hardly any. Though I did reinstall and subsequentlydelete Civilisation 4 for what seems like the umpteenth time.


elig said...

I thought you might want to see this. This is Kharne on Ubuntu Linux using standard install Wine:
pretty cool.

Runs well, too!

Dave said...

Ooooooh! Nice one!

Do you mind if I use this screenshot and post it to the main page?

(credit of course will be given)

elig said...

Feel free! :D

elig said...

I can even get a better screenshot or two if you want :)