Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I'm really enjoying DCSS 0.5. For melee characters, it seems a lot less...fickle than previous versions. Bob III the MdFi (Yes, I know) has just picked up his second rune at the bottom of the Swamp (which equals my best from previous versions):

Having said that, there's been quite a few close shaves, especially in the bottom of the Snake Pit (greater naga's are an utter pain - its been a Trog's Hand/Beserk combo for every single blasted one of them):

21694 | Snake:5 | HP: 10/256 [naga warrior/uncursed club (6)]
21698 | Snake:5 | HP: 4/128 [poison]
22626 | Snake:4 | HP: 6/128 [poison]
22631 | Snake:4 | HP: 4/128 [poison]
22636 | Snake:4 | HP: 5/128 [poison]
24007 | Snake:5 | Got a serpentine rune of Zot

But thanks to a steady diet of extremely nutricious Naga Flesh, and a little help from dear old Trog (such a lovely chap), Bob III has been triumphant so far through the application of superior brute force.

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