Thursday, 23 July 2009

Roadmap and the way forward...

Looking back on some previous posts, its quite clear that my release schedule was incredibly optimistic. The game was meant to be done by now!

So its time for a revised roadmap. I've already touched upon the contents of the next release, 0.03.

Beyond that, I intend there to be a follow-up release (we'll call it 0.03a and will probably come out late August) which will consist of:

  • Character Milestones - I want these to be accessable from within the game in some form or other, much like WoW's achievement system.
  • Potions/Scrolls - finally!
  • Multiple Items on a Title - as it says, I want to allow multiple items to exist on the same tile.
  • Timer Handling - to allow transient and temporary conditions such as poisoning, beserk and so on.
  • Corpses - monsters leave behind corpses. Not just for food, mind you.

Behind the scenes, I intend to concurrently work on a massive code refactoring exercise to get the code to a state where it is suitable for release under the MPL. The reason it hasn't been open-sourced before now is mainly programmer vanity.

0.04 will be the next version after that. This will probably not be released until after my next batch of exams in early October. Currently, I have planned the following for this release:

  • Saving/Loading - unlike the old Kharne, I intend to compress the save files. So no more 15 Mb Save Games. Additionally, when I talk about Loading, since Kharne adheres to the permadeath paradigm, 'Loading' means 'continuing a previous session'.
  • Ranged Combat - see here for the model I intend to implement.
  • Damage Brands - chopping, flaming, freezing, slaying etc etc etc.
  • Interface/Control Upgrade - to allow the use of keys to control actions such as eating, quaffing and so on. I don't think the drag-and-drop model should be the only way of manipulating objects where possible.
And then, 0.05, the Magic Version.
  • Magic - does that it says on the tin.
  • Mutations & Corruption - I like the Crawl model of mutations, but I don't think it goes far enough. I'd like more environmental corruption, and more mutations under the control of the player.
  • Town NPCs - no scruffy old dogs or harmless drunks though.
  • Victory Conditions - instead of the oft-used "you need to retrieve the Amulet/Rune/Orb of Qwertyuiop", I intending to have a completely different goal for the player in Kharne. You'll have to wait to find out though.
  • Traps - all the better to kill you with (I'm feeling a bit touchy about this as I just lost the promising Crawl character I mentioned previously to a blade trap whilst coming back out of the Swamp)
And at this point, Kharne will be basically a complete (well, -ish) and playable game, and will be MPLed. As the advert goes, simple!

Beyond that I have ideas for:
  • Crafting
  • Many more dungeon branches
  • Reputation System
  • Optional Tile Graphics
  • Multiplayer Modes
Deities, I think I'll leave alone, since, let's be honest here, Crawl has the Deity system in Roguelikes sewn up completely and there is no way anyone could ever compete with it or produce anything even half as good.


Anonymous said...

Somethink like the achievement system? The same idea recently came up in the Triangle Wizards forum, and with the re-created diploma system in forthcoming LambdaRogue 1.5 comes from the same direction. Interesting how WoW influences roguelike development ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for doubleposting, but one note to competing against Crawl's deity system: Why do you think of competition? Not every RL has to do it the same way or as complex. :-) I think, btw, that Kharne might be a very good competitor to my LambdaRogue ambitions ... -.- ;-)

Dave said...

Mario, you have a big advantage on me - you have a finished game *grins*.

Joseph said...

The deity system in Incursion is very good.

Dave said...

Maybe its time I stole ideas from a Roguelike other than Crawl then? ;-)

Incursion has always frightened me. It seems like a very 'dense' game.