Friday, 16 October 2009

Roguelikes I have never played....


2. Incursion

3. Nethack

No, seriously, I have never actually played the above three roguelikes.


Anonymous said...

Try doomrl - it's really good!

Dave said...

I heard it is, and there's a new version out. Shame the source isn't available, now that is what I am really interested in.

Nathan 'Vaevictus' Mahon said...

I really enjoyed doomrl... I found it interesting for a couple reasons... it's fun and difficult. It's also strange to convert your FPS tactics to turn based (which doesn't actually work). Lastly, it's one of the few roguelikes who actually benefit from having sound; in fact, i'd say the sound effects are crucial to doomrl.

Incursion is an extremely detailed d20 Dungeons and Dragons implementation. It's pretty amazing how much detail there is regarding all facets of the d&d system.

Nethack is such a huge part of the roguelike genre, it seems strange that you could be authoring a roguelike without knowledge of what its influences are. Not that i disapprove, it's just that not having played nethack and authoring a roguelike is like doing an oil painting without ever seeing a Monet, Van Gogh, or Picasso. :)

Dave said...

I'm actually kinda apprehensive about Incursion - I'm not convinced that the D20 system can be translated to roguelike mechanics - I remember around 2003 or so trying resurrect Kharne using D20 and failing miserably.

The reason I never played Nethack was mainly because my entry into Roguelikes was via Angband and later TOME. I've downloaded and looked at the source, but I've never strangely had the time or inclination to actually play it.

Worthstream said...

I can understan why you're not convinced about Incursion.
I've never seen a good *and* detailed implementation of d&d in a computer game.

That is, i did never see one before playing Incursion, that is ;)

It's really good, and actually manages to work around some of the kinks in the system...

BTW, i did play nethack as my first roguelike, but did not liked it very much... i still consider that the game that hooked me to the RL genre is Angband then TOME... just like you ;)

Anonymous said...

You should try playing nethack just to see what you can do there.
I really like the freedom rouglikes give the player. Like dwarf fortress. Hell you even have to make your own chairs there!

Personally I wanted to make a game. But graphics is really what slows down during development so i settled with starting a rouglike project through python and see where it goes.
I'm gonna try the doomRL, id like to make a horror-like one. If it is even possible

Anonymous said...
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