Friday, 9 October 2009


I've implemented scrolls:

They basically work like they do in most other roguelikes.

I've implemented the following types to begin with:
  • Enchant Armour - enchants a random piece of worn armour with greater AC.
  • Enchant Weapon - enchants a randon wielded item with either greater +hit or extra damage.
  • Remove Curse - removes curses from carried and wielded/worn items.
  • Teleportation - instantly teleports to another point on the level (as in the screenshot).
  • Identify - identifies all carried items.
  • Magic Mapping - gives knowledge of the current level.
  • Forgetfulness - the opposite of Magic Mapping; takes away knowledge of the current level.
  • Blank Piece of Paper - the old favourite!
  • Cursing - curses a random worn/wielded item.
The enchant and identify scrolls I'll change at a later date to target only one item as they're currently much too powerful; and its also currently possible to get a magic item for free by cursing and then uncursing a common-quality item.

I've uploaded the changes to the repository.

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