Tuesday, 20 October 2009


That's me told off...both DoomRL and Lambdarogue have achievement systems.

I've also been thinking about a couple of minor other features: stairs, and player ghosts. Adjacent monsters should be able to climb stairs with the character, and ghosts should retain a proportion of the gold and an item or two as reward for the character killing them.

And I should really play some of the roguelikes I mentioned here.

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Darren Grey said...

Hehe, Gruesome has an achievement system entirely in place of a score system. Of course you only really see it if you can complete the game - another thing to change in future. I personally think arbitrary score systems are rather lacking in judging a character's progress, and also help with the replayability of roguelikes. If a character dies and you at least managed to get some new or better achievement then you might not feel so bad about their gruesome end.

Ghosts are always fun :)