Saturday, 17 April 2010

First batch of changes for v0.05c uploaded to the repository

I've uploaded the first batch of changes to the code for the next version to the online source-code repository. Fixes & Updates completed in the code so far are:
  • Some monsters now follow characters up and down stairs.
  • Classes now have different titles, dependent upon current character level.
  • Only the just finished game will be now highlighted correctly in the hiscore list after character death.
  • Spurious double quotes (") will no longer appear in automatically generated character names.
  • When resting, there is chance of a monster appearing randomly near the character.
  • Eating now restores all lost health points.
  • When starting a 2nd game in the same session, the Character Background will be reset properly.
  • On Character death, the Main Window Title will be reset properly.
  • Elemental Intrusion Creatures no longer have as many hitpoints.
  • Unidentified Scrolls are now identified properly on Character Death.
I'll not produce an executable release for these, but I'll wait until the other changes (including potions!) are finished before releasing the next version (some of them are incomplete in the code but don't affect compilation).

You are of course welcome to download and compile the latest version if you are in a position to do so.

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