Saturday, 10 April 2010

Progress Report #19

The next version will be out soon (yes, really!)

Here's the current intended feature list. I'm still working on finishing off the implementation of potions.
  • Potions have been implemented.
  • Some monsters now follow characters up and down stairs.
  • Only the just finished game will be now highlighted correctly in the hiscore list after character death.
  • Spurious double quotes (") will no longer appear in automatically generated character names.
  • When resting, there is chance of a monster appearing randomly near the character.
  • Eating now restores all lost health points.
  • When starting a 2nd game in the same session, the Character Background will be reset properly.
  • On Character death, the Main Window Title will be reset properly.
  • Elemental Intrusion Creatures no longer have as many hitpoints.
  • A Character Knowledge screen has been added that shows identified and unidentified items. This can be accessed by pressing "/".
  • Identified items that are restocked in shops are now pre-identified correctly.
  • A keyboard shortcut ("^") has been implemented to refer to the last item picked up.
  • Unidentified Scrolls are now identified properly on Character Death.
  • A Toggle ("W") has been added to the inventory screen that displays the weights of items.
And, yes, it will be still be in Delphi. There's too much done and to do now to start rewriting it in another language.


Brian said...

Hooray! Keep at it!

md1 said...

Great to hear this! (And great to hear you'll stick with Delphi -- thus I can understand your source and keep learning.)

-- Mario Donick