Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Narrow Horizons

May the Lords of K0bol save us from narrow-minded Stallman acoplytes*:
"Well - sad...since you use this properietary M$ crap, i can't test this variant. Also i think that it could be quite interesting from the gameplay.
IMO you shouldn't use programming languages like visual C (or other one-manufacturer-one-system languages) for *Bands because its against the philosophy. They should run without trouble on most common computer systems and not only on windows."
So..what have we got here:
  • Obligatory reference to "M$". Check.
  • Obligatory insistance that only the one true language (probably C?) be used Check.
  • Miltonesque mindset of the true believer on display - that "philsophy" comes first before everything else. Check.
  • Lazy assumption that windows software can't be ported to other operating systems. Check.
Dude, chillax, as I believe the youth of today say.

But to answer the respondant's specific points (without bursting a blood valve):

Visual Studio is pretty much the best development environment out there at the moment. Mono allows cross-platform .NET development. Microsoft (the whole M$ thing is just immaturity), for all the bad things they've done, have also done plenty of good things as well; and programming, when you take a reasonable view of things, isn't important enough to be something worth an ideological crusade over. Women's Reproductive Rights, Identity Cards, Access to Clean Drinking Water, Trade Tariffs and Barriers - those are worth getting worked up about. But not whither someone uses one bleeding format of input text or another to produce a load of sodding pixels on a screen.

Bet he's a Vi user as well. That would explain a lot**.

Feh, and more feh! His attitude makes me want to code a C# roguelike just because. Kharne# anyone?

* This post was brought to you by the concepts "maturity" and "perspective". Dude, try it some time. It works, y'know.
** Emacs, definitely, in case you ever wanted ot know. Although Textpad is better than both of them.


Tom said...

Myeah, poor Satariel, linking to his profile seems meaner than required ?


Dave said...

Yeah, it was. I've removed rhe link. The sentiment stays the same though.

md1 said...

Nice posting, like it very much.

"Visual Studio is pretty much the best development environment out there at the moment."

Agreed. It's user friendly and supports the user in many good ways. From time to time, I work a lot with it.

That I chose FreePascal for LambdaRogue was mainly because I worked mainly on Linux in 2006, and now I stick with it, of course.