Sunday, 25 April 2010

Stygia - weekend 1

So, weekend 1 of Stgyia coding completed. Time spent so far: 3 hours. Managed to get the title screen and a framework set up (albeit in a glorified hello world-esque application):

But this is the same as his previous hello world application, I hear you cry. Not really. This is using the new C# wrappers for libtcod. I pretty much had to rewrite from scratch all my code.

Next stop, a main menu framework and doing some more framework code, so I can progress onto Step 3.

Incidentally, as well as the sources mentioned previously, the plot will also be inspired by this old (and criminally underrated, IMHO, CRPG).

One other thing I'm intending to do within the three months is to write all my data maintenance tools in ASP.NET.

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jice said...

Hey ! I always loved Arx Fatalis (it's still installed in my steam account, ready to launch!) and Ultima Underworld, though the later is a bit hard to play nowadays.
I hope you'll have enough mojo to reach the complete game stage...