Monday, 12 April 2010

Q is for....

Whilst working on potions, a thought just occured to me.

Press Q to (q)uaff a potion.


Press Q to (q)uaff from a fountain.

What happens if you're standing on a fountain square and want to (q) uaff a potion instead?


Ken Oh said...


"What to Quaff:
a. potion
b. fountain"


Dave said...

Prompting is a pain in the arse unless its done in a Modal window.

I think I need to sitdown and work out a generic way to do this.

md1 said...

"Prompting is a pain in the arse unless its done in a Modal window."


You could also show a popup menu and if anything else than Potion or Fountain is clicked, cancel the quaffing at all.

Fastred said...

Congratulations! By thinking of and by asking such a question you are now more insightful than DICE, the developers of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In BFBC2 the Use key serves to: enter & exit vehicles, pick up dropped weapons kits, arm & disarm M-COM stations.

Nothing like running up to an M-COM station that is about to be destroyed, attempt to disarm it and then find that you've picked up someone's kit off the ground rather than beginning to disarm.

Perdurabo Nihil said...

Fastred, that's actually rather disturing that they didn't think about that sort of thing.

Dave said...

Whoops, that was me.