Saturday, 24 April 2010

Stygia - a 3-month Roguelike

It might have been obvious that I've been having some thoughts recently about rewriting Kharne in C# using libtcod.

This would mean rewriting an absurd amount of code from scratch.

I don't want to do that, however, I've got a powerful career incentive to learn C# properly.

So I'm going to turn the work I've done already on Prelude into a new Roguelike, which I'll develop in parallel with updates on Kharne.

This one will be called Stygia, and I've set myself a strict 3 month timescale to get a complete game out, following the steps outlined here.

Stygia will be loosely inspired by this particular classic CRPG and somewhat more by this classic roleplaying game. Features wise, it will follow the usual roguelike conventions, but with a more heterotopic and dystopic vibe.

It might even have tentacles in it. Scratch that, it WILL have tentacles in it.

And lots of san loss.

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The Aging Minotaur said...

Yay! I loved Wraith :)