Friday, 8 July 2011

In the next version....

I have a master list of items that comprise my "todo list". There are currently 138 items on it, comprising probably several hundred hours of development work. I'm currently combing through them, looking for achievable items to include in the next release.

So far, I have (typos, poor grammar and all):
  • Implement First level spells - have an array of ints to represent turns left for each spell effect
  • Change item generation so monsters drop more items and less are generated on the floor.
  • Corpses - some creatures drop corpses that can or cannot be chopped for food. Mainly humanoid or goblinoid or animal, or giant, but some are poisonous.
  • Reading a scroll or normal fighting or digging and opening doors produces noise - awakens any monsters within sight. Even ones out of visibility range e.g. "Something stirs in the darkness" a
  • Stealth bonus to stealth skill is reduced by wearing heavy or medium armour. Also thieves get class bonus
  • Add bonus to character stealth roll based upon distance to monster.
  • Monsters attacking makes noise
  • Monster morale? Some monsters flee if overpowered. Make an alert message to say this.
  • Thieves learn sneak much much quicker than other classes
  • Update item descriptions to make more grammatical sense. .
  • Add Elemental invasion gates. That occasionally pump out more creatures every one hundred turns or so so eventually the levels get filled up. Keep a count of the number of creatures killed - if none then allow the gate to be destroyed. Add count to dungeon object to keep track of this.
  • For monster pathing, if monster is weaker then set path to go through, and then swap them with message for pushing past - set other monster squares for pathfinding algorithim to small values equal to uncontested terrain.
  • When there is a unique present on the level, add a level feeling message like "a voice in the distance yells 'who disturbs the domain of blah the bleh'" - randomise the message slightly.

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farcodev said...

coold additions, keep it up ! :)