Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Kharne 0.06a now available

A new version of Kharne (v0.0.6a) is now available (source also available here and released under the MPL). This is mainly a bugfix version superceding v0.0.6, although I've made some other additional changes.

Changes to this version are as follows:
  • Potions can now be drunk when confused or blind.
  • Some monsters can now pickup selected items from the dungeon floor.
  • Monster Breath Attacks are now represented graphically by a 'beam'.
  • Dungeon features (e.g. growths, piles of bones etc) are no longer passable by default and must be 'T'unnelled through to pass.
  • Added tooltips for Background Dungeon features.
  • Whenever the Player Character enters or leaves a Background Dungeon feature, an appropriate message is displayed in the Message Log.
  • Stair descriptions are now more thematically appropriate.
  • Changed the glyph for an open door from \ to '.
  • Magical items have been increased in power.
  • Fixed an issue with certain dungeon features not appearing whilst in steath or enraged.
  • Trying to drink a potion or read a scroll whilst unable to do so will no longer consume the potion or scroll.
  • Potions of See Invisible and Combat Mastery now have correct expiration messages.
  • Scrolls of Enchant Weapon will no longer enchant Shields.
  • Fixed an issue with not displaying the unidentified name of Potions of Might.
  • Potions of Might now triple the character's bonus damage, not their strength.
  • Potions can now be identified properly by using Scrolls of Identify.
  • When IDing a Scroll by using it, the Scroll Type will now be displayed in the Message Log.
  • Cursed items are now significantly worse in effect.
  • Monster Tooltips now indicate if the Monster is unaware of the Player Character.
  • Monster appearance messages now check for Player Character Stealth properly.

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