Friday, 15 July 2011

Kharne Alpha 23 now available

(note: I've moved to a new numbering system for Alpha releases - this is effectively 0.06b in the old system; the change was made because I don't feel right giving an incomplete game a proper version number - the Roguelike world is filled with too many v0.01s and v0.001s and so on as is).

A new version of Kharne (Alpha 23) is now available (source also available here as a download, and browsable here, and released under the MPL). This is mainly a bugfix version superseding the previous version, although I've made a few other additional changes:
  • Moved to a new Versioning System.
  • Status Conditions are now displayed at the bottom of the main display.
  • The '@' symbol is coloured according to the current health of the Player Character.
  • Added four more types of potions to cover Elemental Resistances, which add 40% to their respective resistances.
  • Trying to drink a potion or reading a scroll whilst not being able to will now exit the inventory properly.
  • Potions of Healing and Extra-Healing now cure poisons.
  • Potions of Extra-Healing cure the Paralysis, Blinded, Confusion and Drained conditions.
  • A message is generated whenever a level containing a Unique is entered.
  • Wearing Heavy or Medium armour reduces stealth.
  • Thieves now learn Stealth skills quicker.
  • Warriors now learn Defense & Heavy Armour skills quicker.
  • Stealth rolls are modified by the distance to Monsters.
I intend this to be the last version before magic, end-game/win conditions and the monster overhaul are implemented.

Comments, bug reports and queries most welcome of course.

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