Monday, 4 July 2011

Upcoming Bug Fixes

I've identified the following issues with potions and scrolls, which I will be fixing in a bug-fix version (0.06a) which hopefully will be released soon (in the next couple of days):
  • Some potions aren't identified after use when they should be.
  • New occurrences of some potions that have been previously identified are thereafter wrongly generated as unidentified.
  • The text to indicate that a Potion of Combat Mastery's effects have ended is wrong.
  • Rage potions are not named properly.
  • Enchant Weapon scrolls shouldn't enchant a wielded shield.
  • Some scrolls aren't being identified after use properly.
  • When raging, and trying to consume potions, even though you get the "you can't do that right now", the potion is still consumed.
Apologies if any of these bugs have disrupted gameplay.

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