Sunday, 5 April 2009

AI and Melee Combat

Here is a video showing the first version of the Monster AI and Melee Combat in action. The video shows a Dwarf Warrior (the most melee-centred class) fighting creatures in the first level of the Wilderness and ends with him advancing to Level 2.

The AI routines are still slightly buggy - occasionally the positions that the Dungeon Object holds for the Monsters and the locations that the Monsters think they are at get out of sync. - this could lead to invisible monsters attacking the Player Character. I have no idea yet why that occurs, but it will need to be investigated further. Currently there is a hack in place to zap any monster that gets into this situation, but that's only a temporary fix at best. But having said that, I am pleased with progress on this, even if combat is currently horribly unbalanced (in favour of the Player Character)

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