Saturday, 18 April 2009

Kharne v0.02 available

Get it here or use the link on the right.

The changes are listed in full below, but to summarise: Persistent Dungeons, Food/Hunger, Shops, Ranged Combat, Wizard Mode.

* Dungeon Levels are now persistent within each Branch - exiting a Branch entirely will generate new levels.
* Food & Hunger have been implemented. Whilst starving, HP and MP do not regenerate naturally.
* Ranged Combat has now been implemented (left click on a monster to fire a projectile at it - for now, ammunition is inifinite).
* The amount of HP and MP that characters gain on level up is now also dependent upon Fighting and Magic Skill levels.
* Added a Wizard Mode (accessible by pressing W)
* Monsters can no longer be generated in the walls of Vaults.
* Monster HP and Damage has been rebalanced.
* The XP required to gain a level has been increased substantially.
* Level Feelings are no longer immediately generated if you have recently navigated more than one set of stairs.
* Reduced the amount of gold that is generated.
* The elapsed game time (in real terms) is now displayed at the top of the Main Game Window. This pauses whenever the Inventory or any other subscreen is shown.
* Character Dumps now display the correct version number.
* Character Dumps now show the elapsed game time (in real terms).
* Digging now updates the visible areas of the dungeon correctly..
* Turns elapsed is now displayed in a more appropriate colour.
* Fixed a few minor grammatical errors in the Combat Text.

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