Monday, 27 April 2009

Progress Report #15

Most Skills other than Magic have now been implemented. The orange numbers in the screenshot below show the progress for each skill to the next level.

One problem I do have is that the very wearing of armour can advance skill in it (and also the defense skill, albeit at a much lower level). I may up implementing something similar to Crawl's XP Pool as not having such a limitation could lead to problems. Alternatively, you could only skill up from wearing armour in the presence of monsters.

I've also made another change, once which is probably a candidate for the most pointless change ever in the history of a roguelike. I've changed the default 'wall' character from ASCII character 249 to a '#', for the simple reason that it looks much more 'roguelike':

And for that decision, you can blame the likes of MageGuild.

Incidentally, speaking of Mage Guild, I get this error message upon trying to load up certain games:

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