Monday, 20 April 2009

Kharne 0.02a available

As promised, here is v0.02a. To summarise the changes in this maintenance release: Item Anonymity, Stacking.

Fixes in this version:
  • Item Anonymity and Identification has now been implemented (wear/wield an item to identify)
  • Item stacking now works properly.
  • Eating stacked food now only consumes one of the stack.
  • Defense Skill is now listed properly in the Skill Screen.
  • Food is now listed in the inventory in one colour. It remains colourful on the dungeon floor.
  • The font size of the message window has been reduced.
  • Wands are temporarily no longer generated in the dungeons (it makes no sense for them to be there whilst their functionality has not yet been implemented).
  • The Inventory Screen has been redesigned slightly
For now, I'll leave the link to the previous version online, although you should really upgrade to 0.02a. The character files are identical so just copy those over if you wish to use them in this version.


Brigand said...

The game is looking very nice! Feels very Crawly, in a good way. Keep up the good work - I am following this one closely!

Dave said...

Thanks. I must say, your new project is coming on nicely as well.

Ironically enough, I'm considering rewriting Kharne in C# ;-)