Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Kharne Alpha 0.01e Available

An interim release. Get it here.

Here are the changes:

* Melee-based Monsters now have basic AI (monsters that reply on Ranged Combat or Magic are still AI-less).
* The UI has been completely redesigned.
* The Monster Display and the Minimap have been incorporated into the main window.
* The inventory, statistics and magic screens have been redesigned.
* The Combat system has now been implemented for Melee Attacks.
* A Death Screen has been added.
* A Character Dump has been added.
* Added a help screen in-game.
* There are now regularly re-stocked shops in The Nexus.
* Gold has been implemented and can be found through the various Dungeons.
* Version info can be displayed in-game.
* Characters are now equipped with class and skill-appropriate (mundane) starting equipment.
* Internal Monster Stats have been rebalanced.
* Some Monster Symbols (mainly types of demons) have been reallocated.
* Added additional lesser vaults, which can now occur occasionally at all levels.
* HP and MP now regenerate slowly. The rate of HP Regeneration is based upon Character Endurance and MP upon Intelligence.
* Resting has now been implemented (to rest for one turn or many, press 0 or 5 on the Keypad with Numlock on).
* The Monster Display now collates like-type monsters together.
* You can no longer access monster details via the Monster Display.
* Spell Details and Descriptions have now been added.
* Monsters can no longer be generated on top of stairs.
* The Character always starts the two lowest-level dungeons (The Keep and the Wilderlands) in a safe vault.
* Monsters are now displayed on the mini-map as red dots.
* The Character can no longer have negative abilities or characteristics.
* The Main Window will no longer be sensitive to key presses when it does not have focus (e.g. when it is minimised or in the background).
* Fixed a bug where you could pick up an infinite number of items.
* Picking up more items than there are Inventory slots free no longer corrupts the Inventory.
* You can now open adjacent doors by pressing 'o'.
* Visible squares are now recalculated properly when opening and closing doors.
* Dropping an item on top of another item no longer causes an error.
* Dropping an item successfully will now close the inventory window.
* Picking up items now takes time.
* Weapons now have Damage Ranges.
* Magic Items that give bonuses to Evasion are no longer as powerful.
* Item Locations are now displayed correctly in tooltips.
* Shields now give a bonus to Deflection and Blocking.
* There are two new brands added: Goblin Slaying and Outsider Slaying.
* The Character's current mana (as opposed to maximum mana) is now used to calculate which spells are available to cast.

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