Thursday, 2 April 2009

Progress Report #11

This is the current change log (from Version 0.01d) for the latest development build sitting on my hard disc:
  • Monsters now have basic melee AI
  • The UI has been completely redesigned, incorporating the Monster Display and the Minimap into the main window. The Inventory, Magic and Stats screens have also been redesigned.
  • The Combat system has now been implemented for Melee Attacks
  • A Death Screen has been added
  • Players are now equipped with class and skill-appropriate starting equipment
  • Internal Monster Stats have been rebalanced
  • Added additional lesser vaults, which can now occur at all levels
  • Visible Monster Display now collates like-type monsters together.
  • You can no longer access monster details via the Visible Monster Display
  • Monsters can no longer be generated on top of stairs.
  • The Player always starts the two lowest-level dungeons (The Keep and the Wilderlands) in a safe vault.
  • Monsters are now displayed on the mini-map as red dots
  • The Player can no longer have negative abilities or characteristics.
  • Magic Items that give bonuses to Evasion are no longer as powerful.
  • The Main Window will no longer be sensitive to keypresses when it does not have focus.
  • Fixed a bug where you could pick up an infinite number of items.
  • Picking up more items than there are inventory slots no longer corrupts the Inventory.
  • Dropping an item on top of another item no longer causes an error.
  • Weapons now have proper Damage Ranges
  • Item Locations are now displayed correctly in tooltips
Compare this to the roadmap for the next Alpha version (probably 0.02, which is planned to be released sometime in May)
  • Major Interface Revamp
  • Finish Monster AI
  • Finish Melee Combat
  • Experience & Level Gaining
  • Death Screens
  • Character Dump
  • Wizard Mode

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