Tuesday, 10 March 2009

C# and climbing aboard the Microsoft Juggernaut

I really need to learn C#. Its a shame in a way Kharne is being written in Delphi. I'm not keen on the baggage surrounding C# (i.e. the .NET framework) but if I was starting again, I'd do a roguelike in C#.

I might however write a Vault/Data Creator/Editor and other support utilities in C#. Kharne itself will stay Delphi for now.


Jotaf said...

After you write any of those tools in C#, you'll probably change your mind :) But it's a good plan to first try out the language on a serious project and only then think about seriously switching over. I'm getting my feet wet with Python by attempting to rewrite the most important parts, but I didn't trash the C++ implementation. If it doesn't work out I'll be back to C++ in no time ;)

(BTW I needed to rewrite the whole level generation and combat system, there was no other way, so it's not like I'm losing a lot.)

Dirk Kok said...

You'll love LINQ once you get the hang of it.

In my opinion the only real downside is the size of the .NET framework and the really bad console support.

Good luck

Dave said...

Cheers. The whole Plese download .NET framework v99 thing bit me on the arse recently when I tried to install the demo of the 4e DnD Character Builder only for it to crash when it demanded I install .NET 3.5. I don't like anything other than single-file executables (with reasonable DLL use etc)

Legend of Angband said...

How about you implement a 7DRL in C# and try out an idea or two?

- Legend of Angband

Dirk Kok said...

As a matter of fact I just finished something if you're keen on seeing c# in action.

I can't claim 7DRL status as I didn't keep track of development time.

The source and binaries as available at http://lastmanstanding.codeplex.com/

Dave said...

Dirk, cheers, am going to download your RL and give it a play!

Legend, I'm intending to do just that. Obviously now not a 7DRL, but my original 7DRL idea I'm going to turn into a C# RL.

Anonymous said...

"Its a shame in a way Kharne is being written in Delphi"

Why is it a _shame_? Is Delphi/Pascal such a bad language? (Rhetorical Question).

However, it's good to learn new languages in addition. I recently got a C++ book.

Dave said...

I only meant "shame" as in I've really got the C# itch now.

Pascal/Delphi are fantastic, but they're not C#