Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The New UI

The new UI.

Yes, it is very Crawl-ey. That's deliberate. If anyone connected with Crawl is reading this, consider it in the spirit its given: a homage; a compliment of the highest order.


Jotaf said...

Awesome! Nobody moved the old windows anyway. :P

John Greenberg said...

I was going to comment on the Crawl similarity but you already hit that. That's not a bad thing; of all the roguelikes out there, I consider crawl to have the best interface. Definitely something to riff on.

I read this entire blog over the weekend. I have to say I'm really excited about this game. I'm going to hold off checking out the alpha til monster AI is in there. Good luck!

Dave said...

Thanks John. You might be interested in the roadmap for the future development. Here's the summarised form (I'll be doing a major post on this soon):

0.02 (too many changes for it to be a minor release)
End of April


Major Interface Revamp (already in progress)
Finish Monster AI
Finish Melee Combat
Experience & Level Gaining
Death Screens (already in progress)
Character Dump (already in progress)
Wizard Mode (including easy buttons to go up levels for testing purposes)

End of June

Transient Effects
Implement Ranged Physical Combat
Victory Conditions
Implement Magic
Implement Scrolls and Wands and Potions
Implement Staffs, Rods and Orbs
Implement the ID Game

End of July

Persistence (i.e. saving and loading)
New Dungeons (seven more are planned, including a Dragon-themed one)
Hiscore Tables
Player Ghosts and Bone Files

0.10 - (Offfical Release with source on Googlecode?/SourceForge? under the MPL)
End of August

Character Creation Revamp
Tutorials and Documentation

Enne Walker said...

I think Mitsuhiro Itakura was responsible for that particular design choice. Stone Soup just inherited that.

I'm glad you found it useful. I wish more folks were as concerned about having an accessible roguelike. =)

Dave said...

Thanks. I was hoping you wouldn't take the adoption of a similar UI the wrong way.