Sunday, 29 March 2009

Reintegrating the UI

I've been having thoughts about reintegrating some of the extra windows (e.g. Monsters and Minimap) into the UI:

Compare this to the Crawl Tiles UI:

However, I do wish to achieve a clarity in the UI comparable to say, Paprika:

I asked this question a long time ago (October 2007) in r.g.r.d., and to be honest, I've still not made up my mind. But I'm definitely not satisfied with the current interface.


Sid Datta said...

Why are some monsters represented as numbers ? will they be the same way in the final version ?

Dave said...

They are mainly demons (and some elementals) - most of the other letters have been used by other types of monsters alrady.

If I can come up with a consistent labeling scheme (and am very open to suggestions on that front) then they will change.