Thursday, 5 March 2009

Metaphorical Hydras Return

There's an old phrase: 'You can't keep a good idea down'. Or maybe its actually 'You can't keep a bad idea down'. The old argument over save-scumming has resurfaced again like some metaphorical hydra that periodically creeps from the unthinking depths back towards the light of discussion. And again, people are trying to slay all the heads with fire. This subject has in the past produced much more heat than light amongst devotees of roguelikes, and this time appears to be no exception.

Now, I have save-scummed in the past (years ago, mainly an early version of T.O.M.E. but also once on v4.0.0b26 of Crawl) but for various reasons I no longer do it (the primarily one is that I found that it takes the fun out of the game for me), but I'm firmly of the school of thought if that someone wants to save-scum, let them. As long as its all above-aboard. and out in the open Roguelike gameplay is generally not designed to be save-scummed, but if someone wants to, all I can do is shrug and not actually give a damn.

As long as they don't claim that they're a wonderful player, of course.

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