Friday, 27 March 2009

Kharne Alpha 0.01d available

Yes, I've changed the numbering system, but never mind, Kharne Alpha 0.01d (1520 kb) is now available. This is basically a refactoring and maintenance release. Monster AI, which has been partially implemented, has been switched off in this version.

Here are the changes:
  • Spruced up some of the dungeons with additional terrain types and visual effects
  • The Abyss is now a completely different map type.
  • The Main Screen can now be resized and maximised.
  • Clicking on the Main Screen is now handled more accurately.
  • The colours of the Portals in the Nexus now correspond better to the Level Type
  • Custom Fonts are now added to the system table using the non-blocking PostMessage API Call
  • Fixed a bug in the Dungeon Generation code for the Mausoleum and the Keep that could lead to a morass of dead end passages in certain parts of the map.
  • Smoothed the maps for the Elemental Plains to remove most freestanding isolated walls.
  • Moved the Status Window to the bottom of the main panel.
  • When waiting for a direction to dig in, a visual indicator will now be displayed
  • You can no longer dig on the town level


Anonymous said...

Cheers! One more step closer ;)

Dave said...

Yes, its getting there, thanks! Debugged and got a good chunk of combat code working today!