Sunday, 8 March 2009


Somewhere in the Wildness, a unwelcoming committee of a Snake ('s') and a Giant Rat ('r') is waiting for our brave hero. The nearby overgrown plant decides to daydream instead.

Meanwhile, on the Plane of Earth, a Kobold ('k') and a Xvart ('g') look menacingly at our hero whilst some jewelery ('=') and food ('%') look on impassively.

Death awaits our brave hero in the Voidfields of the Abyss, as an Efreet ('E') and a Planar Assassin ('@') lurk ready to strike.

Now this was an utter pain to do, but I've now got a reasonably Gaussian distribution function to select appropriate monsters and put them into the dungeon. There are 120 monsters in total, cribbed from just about every source imaginable. Now I've got to write the code to produce the occasional enhanced monsters (e.g. a Drow Matron instead of just a plain old Drow).

Then, of course, monster AI *gulp*.

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