Friday, 13 March 2009

Shameless Stealing of Ideas Redux

As a followup to this post, I've now implemented a Popup Window that displays the current monsters:

I am however, starting to run out of screen space. I think I'll have to investigate making the main window smaller, or allowing all the popup windows to dock somehow with the main window.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed very confusing. I prefer interfaces with as few stuff as possible. The dungeon, a small status area and unobstruvise short text description of the current context.

Playing Kharne on 1024x600 (Netbook) seems to be rather difficult.

Dave said...

I agree. Although the functionality displayed in the popup windows is optional, it is very useful. And thus it can get rather crowded on screen.

I'll have to think carefully about how I can reduce the screen footprint.

Anonymous said...

Is the font size adjustable?

Dave said...

Not at the moment. I think (I don't have the code in front of me at the moment) its 'Video Terminal System' size 18. If I reduced things all round to say Courier 12 or so it would be a bit more efficient on the display.