Friday, 20 March 2009

News and Updates Addendum

Of course, no sooner than I said what the next release would contain than I've went and changed a few things. I've managed to find and fix an annoying bug with one of the level generation algorithms I'm using.

This particular algorithm is modeled on the one used in Angband, and previously generated levels that often had curious morasses of tunnels in the corners of the levels (the screen grab is from a standalone dungeon generator utility):

The new one, with the bug fix (which turned out to be because I was trying to connect overlapping rooms to themselves) produces slightly smoother output, without the random tunnel ends:

There are still a few bugs in the tunneling code however (sometimes rooms aren't connected properly), which I will fix at some later point.

In addition, on reflection, the previous cave algorithm produced much too disjointed levels. So I added a smoothing function to remove any isolated points of wall and the result is below:

I'll incorporate these changes into Alpha 1c which will be released in the next few days.


Jotaf said...

Nice! I like the way some tunnels are interrupted. Makes you think of other dead ends not as such, but actually as unfinished tunnels!

Dave said...

They are actually a bug in my tunneling code *grins*