Friday, 25 September 2009

Another new version soon

I think I'll release a new version this upcoming weekend, which I'll designate 0.0.4. It won't be the promised open-sourced potions/scrolls/ranged combat/magic/corpses version, but it will have the interface changes (multidrop etc), the in-built character creation and a lot of other smaller changes. There's also been a lot of tidyup of the interface and game text. Things are starting to fall into place.

When I do release it, I'll probably de-link the older versions from the right-hand side, but keep them available on the webpage for...some reason, I guess.

Update. Here's the current feature list for 0.0.4:
  • Character Creation functionality has now been incorporated into the main window and no longer uses an external DLL.
  • The inventory screen has been redesigned.
  • Multidrop functionality via the keyboard has been implemented (press 'd').
  • Eating functionality via the keyboard has been implemented (press 'e')
  • Added PseudoIDing of items held in the inventory for a certain amount of time.
  • Added key summaries to the bottom of each subscreen.
  • Monsters have had their hit points and damage increased.
  • Upon levelling, two appropriate skill categeories for each class are now increased by 1.
  • The chance of cursed items appearing has been more than doubled.
  • Added an item view to display detailed item information from the inventory.
  • Characters that do not know any magic can no longer access the spell screen.
  • The character dump now displays the monster kills for the character.
  • Monsters that have special plurals should now be referred to correctly in the plural form.
  • Fixed a few minor spelling mistakes in the character dump and a few layout mistakes on the high-score screen.
  • Female characters should no longer be referred to as "he" in the character dump.
  • When digging a reminder is now displayed of the keys used.
  • Drinking from fountains now uses a turn up.
  • Monsters in zones are now scaled more appropriately.
  • The character 'back' slot which was never used in game has been removed.
  • Sneak attacks are now flagged in the message log.
  • Thieves now get extra sneak-attack damage when using ranged weapons.
  • The thievery skill now grants a chance to open and close doors without allowing monsters to react.
  • Monsters that are carrying items no longer have their items disappear on death when killed in ranged combat.
  • The change in 0.03 to not display messages upon opening and closing doors has been reversed.
  • Trying to open or close doors when there are no doors in range will produce an appropriate message in the message log.
  • Opening doors as part of movement will now cause a turn to pass.
  • Tunnelling now takes only half as long.
  • Tunnelling now displays a message indicating if it has been aborted due to nearby monsters.
  • Attempting to tunnel through impassable walls now doesn't use up any time.
  • Trying to dig on the town level results in a warning message.
  • Walking into walls now uses up a turn.
  • Trying to pick up an item with a full inventory no longer gives the message that an item has been successfully picked up.
  • The message log now reports that Undead monsters are 'destroyed'and Outsider creatures are 'banished' instead of 'killed'.
  • Identified items that are cursed now have 'Cursed' as an integral part of their name, e.g. they are called "A Cursed Longbow [-1,-1]" instead of "A Longbow [1, -1] (Cursed)".
  • Unidentified artifacts have now the correct prefix in their name.
  • Fixed a bug where an error would occur when trying to write a Hiscore to the HiScore table if the table was empty.
  • Special terrain tiles are now described correctly inside an elemental invasion zone.