Thursday, 3 September 2009

Progress Report #16

Things have been quite recently on the Kharne front due to considerable real-life interference.

I have been able to continue work (slowly) on the refactor, and also on integrating the character creation into the main window. I've decided to remove the 'full' character create option, and leave just the 'quick' and 'random' methods available. I'll post some screenshots when I have it working enough to do so.

To answer a few questions that have recently come up in the comments:
  • There will indeed be a tiled version of Kharne eventually. Most of the code to handle tiles has already been written, but it hasn't been called anywhere. I'll probably go with the David Gervais tiles (just like the old Kharne did)
  • When I finish the refactor and release the next version, Kharne will officially go open-source (probably on GoogleCode). There will be a repository and bug-tracker set up to handle error reports.
  • Following a reply from the FSF, it is likely that Kharne will be released via the GPL instead of the MPL.
  • In a later version, pretty much all of the game settings will be configurable (via both appropriate windowed dialogs, or INI files).
  • Yes, Potions and Scrolls are coming, and will be in the next release.
  • No, I don't yet have a timescale for the next release. My last exam is on the 12th October, so I expect it to come out sometime after that.

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Karmatic said...

Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to future releases!