Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bug Fix & Criticals

I think I've fixed the problem with the game hanging that currently occurs seemingly at random. This was due to an infinite recursive loop in the energy allocation for monsters. I've played through a couple of early branches (with wizard mode and logging on) and it doesn't hang, so fingers crossed. The fix will be included in the next release.

In other news, should monsters be able to critically hit (and miss)? Should players be able to critically hit (and miss)?


elig said...

Yay! More stability is always awesome! :D

Anonymous said...

Hm ... A critical hit should occur if the player's skills in a particular weapon type or fighting style or spell type etc. is very good, maximized or otherwise optimized.

Tom said...

No critical misses ;)

Totally non-related, but your google code project has like 1 commit.

You should really commit more often so we can see progress in a more tangible way.

I never turn off my laptop before syncing all Hellband changes to google code with an explanation of what I did.

Especially with the code review feature now in google code, it could become interesting.


Dave said...

Erm, I've not actually put anything up on the googlecode website!

Not even sure where the commit came from, as far as I'm aware there should be nothing there!

When 0.4 comes out, there will be a full repository of the source. ;-)